Data differences
Sometimes you will notice differences in data inside Wildmetrics compared to ActiveCampaign. This page exists to explain why these difference exist.

Difference in contacts

If you delete a contact in ActiveCampaign, the contact will not be deleted in Wildmetrics. This is why you sometimes get more contacts in Wildmetrics than you have in ActiveCampaign.

Data not showing in Wildmetrics

Sometimes there is a slight delay for ActiveCampaign data to arrive inside Wildmetrics.
We use webhooks to access real time data from ActiveCampaign and once new data arrives, we queue the data point in our data queue. If we receive a larger amount of data than we expect, it may take a little longer to process this data, which is why we use a queue.
We are aware that having your data in real time inside Wildmetrics is important. We are actively looking into ways to improve this.
Some ActiveCampaign data points can not be retrieved via a webhook. This a limittion by ActiveCampaign and we have already reached out to them to improve their API.
In the meanwhile we have to get that data via a cronjob which runs every night. This means this type of data is only updated once a day.
If you have any questions about your data inside Wildmetrics, feel free to reach out to support inside Wildmetrics.
Last modified 2mo ago
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