Connect ActiveCampaign

Easily send ActiveCampaign data to Wildmetrics
​ActiveCampaign provides email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools to create incredible customer experiences.
Open your ActiveCampaign account and go to Settings / Developers to find your API details.
Now copy the URL and Key into Wildmetrics and click "Connect & Sync".
We will now start to import the first 6 months (180 days) of data history from ActiveCampaign into Wildmetrics.
This can take a couple of minutes or a few hours, depending on how much data you have inside your ActiveCampaign account. Most accounts with less than 100,000 contact should take less than 60 minutes to be ready.
You will know that the importation process is completed once it says "Ready".
If you want more than 6 months data history, please upgrade to a Pro plan. More details can be found on our pricing page.

ActiveCampaign data points we import

Data point
What is it?
Email address
The email of a contact
To access your data via API
Secret URL
To access your data via API
Account name
The name of your account
Custom fields
To store information about contacts
Subject line
The subject line of an email
Email lists to store your contacts
Allows you to categorise contacts
Automation names
The name of an automation
Email opens
A contact opening an email
Link clicks
A contact clicking inside an email
Emails sent
An email being sent to a contact
Automation entered
A contacted entering an automation