Launch guide

Get started with Wildmetrics with 7 simple steps.

(1) Create your Wildmetrics account

You need to create an account to use Wildmetrics. The sign-up is simple and comes with a free 10-day trial. You don't need a credit card. If you want to get started just visit our sign-up page.
We give you the option to register with an email or by using your existing Google account. If you choose Google, start by clicking "Continue with Google".
Visit to create your account

(2) Integrate your ActiveCampaign account

Once you have signed-up you will be welcomed by our onboarding flow which includes 4 simple steps. The first step is to integrate your ActiveCampaign account with Wildmetrics.
The first step is to integrate your ActiveCampaign account
To do so, you need your ActiveCampaign API access details which includes an URL and a Key. You can find this information by logging into your ActiveCampaign account and go to Settings / Developers.
Open your AC account & go to Settings / Developers to find your API access details
Copy and paste your URL and Key from ActiveCampaign into Wildmetrics and then click "Connect & Continue" to complete the first step of your onboarding.

(3) Finish onboarding

The second step is about integrating your payment provider. This is an optional step and can be skipped by clicking "No, skip". We currently only support Stripe as a payment integration.
If you use Stripe and want to connect Stripe with Wildmetrics, click on "Yes, connect Stripe".
You can either connect with Stripe or skip this step
This will send you to Stripe where you need to login into the Stripe account you want to integrate with Wildmetrics.
Login into Stripe
Once done, you will be redirected back to Wildmetrics and you can continue to step three of your onboarding process. If you are someone who enjoys talking to a human to learn more about Wildmetrics, schedule a call with us. But you can always skip this step.
Schedule a call with us or skip this step
What happens during a call with us? We will create a tracking & analytics plan together. This means we will discuss what to track in your business, how to track it and then set it up together during the call.
Choose your date and time like you see below.
Choose your date and time to schedule a call with us

(4) Wait until your data is ready

Importing and preparing your data takes some time. How long this takes depends on how much data you are importing from tools like ActiveCampaign or Stripe.
If your ActiveCampaign account has less than 10,000 contacts the importation should be done in less than 30 minutes. If you have more than 10,00 contacts the importation might take 40-60 minutes.
You will know that we are currently importing your data as it says "Importing" below the ActiveCampaign and Stripe progress bars.
During your free 10-day trial we are only importing data from the last 6 months (180 days). If you want unlimited data history, please upgrade to a Pro plan. Our pricing can be found here.
Once your data is ready you will be automatically redirected to your Wildmetrics dashboard.
Once your account is ready you will be redirected to your dashboard

(5) Define your customer segment

If you have only ActiveCampaign integrated (and not Stripe), then you need to define your customer segment. If you have Stripe integrated you can skip this step.
Head over to Settings | Integrations and click the $ icon inside the ActiveCampaign box.
Define your customer segment by clicking the $ icon
Now search for the tags you apply to customers inside of ActiveCampaign if they purchase something. For more help to set this up, visit our help documentation about customer segments below.

(6) Create & save your first funnel

Now it's time to create your first funnel and play around. We have created a guide to get you started with tracking & saving your first funnels. You will also have some ideas on what to track with our "Use Cases".

(7) Let us help you

If you ever have any questions or concerns, we're just a single email, tweet or help doc away. We’re always happy to help, and we know this stuff can be tricky at times. So please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything we can do for you. Our support team consists of Emilie, Bastian and Benji. We are friendly, professional and usually respond within 2-3 hours during working hours.