Our team
These are the humans behind Wildmetrics.
Software products are nothing without their people. Ever wondered who is behind Wildmetrics? Please meet the Wild Audience team. We are building Wildmetrics & supporting our customers.
Let's meet everyone in the team real quick.


Leo is one of our two full stack developers focused on design. He is from Argentina and is moving to Europe with his family in December 2021.
Leo is into surfing, reading and making music. He also wrote the first line of code for Wildmetrics.


Emilie wears multiple heads at Wild Audience:
  • Customer support,
  • success,
  • queen of culture,
  • HR,
  • and operations.
Emilie is basically the glue holding the team together and making everything run smoothly. Emilie is originally from France, now living in the north of England. She is into painting, surfing and all things nature.
Here's her awesome art work: https://www.instagram.com/emiliechartierart/​


Pancho is one of our full stack developers together with Leo, focused on all things backend.
He is from Argentina and currently living in Germany. At the beginning of 2022 he is moving to Spain with his family.
Pancho is into meditation, yoga, parenting & football.


Benji is our growth super star and in charge of growing our products. He also consults our customers on making them successful.
Benji is from Barcelona and also lives there with his family. Benji is famous for his strong energy! He is into all things fitness, cross fit, surfing and surf skating. He is also busy starting a family.


Bastian is the founder and CEO of Wild Audience and in charge of product at Wild Audience. He spends most of his time building Wildmetrics. Bastian currently lives in San Sebastian in Spain (he just moved from Ericeira Portugal). He is into surfing, skating and chess.
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