Welcome to the help documentation of Wildmetrics.

What is Wildmetrics?

Wildmetrics is a no-code and API-based analytics app that makes it easy and reliable for digital businesses to track & analyse customer journeys so that they can generate more revenue without needing to hire analytics specialists.

Our product vision

👋🏽 Hello from Wildmetrics, this is our product vision. This is a work-in-progress doc and will be updated as we learn. The timeframe for this vision is 3 years (2022 - 2024).
What is a product vision? A product vision describes the future state of a product that a team desires to achieve.
If you're fed-up with using Excel and Google Analytics to try to analyse your customer journeys, we have something new to share with you today. Analysing your sales funnels shouldn't be complex, time-consuming & expensive to do, set-up and maintain.
This is why we are creating Wildmetrics, a no-code & API-based analytics solution for digital businesses.

(1)No-code & API-based analytics

Getting started with an analytics solution needs to be dead simple. No need to write a single line of code. And there shouldn't be anything for you to set-up or maintain on an ongoing basis.
In other words, no need for:
    installing pixels
    messing around with Excel formulas
    managing UTM tags
    getting lost in tag mangers
    hiring an analytics specialist or agency
    or worse, hiring an entire data scientist team
Stop wasting your time pulling data & maintaining your dashboards in Excel or Google Sheets.
You already have tons of data inside the tools you currently use. You just need a way to easily access that data from different platforms and then visualise it one single app:
    ESPs: ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, HubSpot etc ..
    Payments: Stripe, PayPal etc..
    Advertising: Facebook & Google ads
    Traffic: Google Analytics
    Sales: Calendly, TypeForm, Zoom, WebinarJam, PipeDrive ..
    Support: HelpScout, Intercom ..
    Product: Segment
We imagine an analytics app to connect with your business tools via API. This is called API-based analytics. No more exporting and importing data from different platforms into Excel. No more analytics specialists or developers needed to pull data.

(2) Ready-made & AI-powered

We believe that building reports and analysing dashboards should be easy to do, fast to get done and visually beautiful as an experience.
Reports are "ready-made" for practical use cases and questions digital businesses have.
But providing dashboards and reports does not actually help digital companies generate more revenue. You need to be able to interpret data so that you know what to improve. In the past you would hire analytics & marketing specialists. Today artificial intelligence can benchmark data points and provide best in class suggestions.
With the right information digital businesses can improve faster and generate more revenue.

(3) Open metrics

We believe that businesses today want to be more authentic and one great way to achieve this is by working in public. Sharing your business metrics with the world is how companies can create trust with their customers, employees and suppliers.
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