Quick start

Get started with Wildmetrics in less than 5 minutes.
We have put together this guide to get started with Wildmetrics on day 1.

Step 1: Connect Stripe & Segment

Wildmetrics is only useful if you connect it to your marketing stack.

Step 2: Set your MRR goal

Your MRR is your north start metric and your goal is to grow it. Let's start out by setting a goal.

Step 3: Measure your customer journey

To get a big picture overview, you can set up your Funnel report. The Funnel report allows you to select Stripe & Segment events and is the simplest way to measure your customer journey and make improvements to it.

Step 4: Activate trials

Keep an overview on your struggling trials and help them convert to customers. See which trials are not reaching their AHA moment.

Step 5: Onboard customers

Reduce churn by onboarding your customers properly. Identify customers that need extra help.