Connect Stripe

Easily send Stripe data to Wildmetrics.
Stripe is payments infrastructure for the internet.
To connect Stripe, click on "Connect".
You will arrive at a Stripe hosted page. Log into your Stripe account and follow the steps. If you have multiple Stripe accounts, select the one you want to connect with Wildmetrics.
Once you are done, Wildmetrics will start to import and prepare your data. You will know that the importation process is completed when it says "Ready".

Stripe data points we import

Data point
What is it?
This object represents a customer of your business. It lets you create recurring charges and track payments that belong to the same customer.
Products describe the specific goods or services you offer to your customers.
Prices define the unit cost, currency, and (optional) billing cycle for both recurring and one-time purchases of products.
A coupon contains information about a percent-off or amount-off discount you might want to apply to a customer.
Subscriptions allow you to charge a customer on a recurring basis.
Invoices are statements of amounts owed by a customer, and are either generated one-off, or generated periodically from a subscription.
To charge a credit or a debit card, you create a Charge object. A charge is a customer payment.