This page explains the numbers you see on your dashboard.
Your dashboard currently looks like this.
Wildmetrics dashboard
This is the first version of the WMX dashboard. You will see a major re-design until the end of 2021. Let us explain the different metrics you see and how they are calculated.

New Leads

The "New leads" metric shows you how many new people (we call them leads) signed-up in the selected time period. In ActiveCampaign a lead is called a "contact".

New customers

The "New customers" metric shows you how many people became a new customer in the selected time period. A new customer is defined as having his/her first purchase transaction. Recurring customers that keep paying you every month (which means they are not new anymore) via recurring transactions are not included in this metric. For this you can look at the metric "Total revenue".

Total revenue

This is your net cash flow. This includes all cash received within selected time period minus refunds. We include subscriptions and one time payments. Transaction fees are not deducted.

Revenue per lead

This metric is calculated by dividing the "Total revenue" metric by the "New leads" metric. It helps to understand how much a new lead (email sign-up) is worth to you.

Total leads

This is the total amount of leads (people) that ever registered. This number is the total amount of contacts (active + inactive) inside your ActiveCampaign account.

Total customers

This is the total amount of people that ever purchased something from you. This includes subscriptions & one-time purchases. We exclude customers that requested a full refund.

Conversion rate

This is calculated by dividing the metric "Total customers" by "Total leads". This metric helps to understand your total conversion rate from top to bottom. The question answered is: "If X amount of people sign-up, how many become actual customers?".