Customer onboarding report

The Customer onboarding report (click to create) helps you onboard your customers better.
Onboarding customers well has benefits:
  • Lower churn
  • Higher retention
According to HubSpot, it is always better to retain an existing customer than acquiring a new one.
HubSpot continues to say that “keeping customers coming back will continually result in a greater ROI — and it costs 5-25X less.”
This will ultimately lead to growing your MRR faster because fewer customers are leaving.

Set up your report

Go to Reports, look for Customer onboarding report and click on "+Add report".
The first step is to select your new customers.
For that, you can choose Stripe as an integration and "Subscription created" as an event that represents new customers.
The second step is to select an event that represents a new customer properly onboarded.
Think about one of the core actions a new customer needs to do in your app and how often they need to do it to be considered "well onboarded" and "happy". In other words, at what moment does a new customer experience the value of your product?
Examples for Slack could be:
  • User logged in > 4 times
  • Message sent > 50 times
  • Created a channel > 0 times
  • Invited a college > 2 times
  • Integration connected > 0 times
Select a Segment event that represents this action and define the frequency below. The frequency setting determines how often the customer needs to trigger the selected Segment event.
Click on "Create report" to view the results.

View your report

In the top right corder you will find the date picker. Choose the period you want to analyse.
The report will show you 4 different things:
  1. 1.
    Amount of new customers
  2. 2.
    Amount & percentage of customers that are properly onboarded
  3. 3.
    A list of happy customers (customers that are properly onboarded)
  4. 4.
    A list of struggling customers (customers that are not onboarded)
Click on "View more" to see the total list of struggling customers.

What you should do now

Now that you have a list of struggling new customers, it is time to act. Your goal is to onboard these struggling customers properly.
This way you can prevent them from churning and therefore grow your MRR.
Things you can do now:
  • Copy the email addresses and email them one by one
  • Send an automated email to schedule an onboarding call to personalise the set-up
  • Set up a product tour inside your app to show next steps
  • Embed Calendly into your app straight after purchase
  • Build a checklist with tasks to complete and embed in your app's dashboard/menu
  • Improve weekly newsletter to get users back into the app
  • Record YouTube tutorials and create awesome documentation
  • Build education into your user journeys
  • Provide amazing & friendly customer support in less than 15 minutes