Funnel report

The Funnel report helps you convert more trials into paying customers. Easily make improvements to your customer journey. Start measuring your most important metrics in minutes.
Go to Reports, look for Funnel report and click on "+Add report".

Add steps

The first thing you need to do is setting-up the steps of your customer journey.
For each step in your customer journey, create a step in your Funnel report. If you are unsure about what steps your customer journey has, check out this article.
Let's assume you want to get a high-level overview of your 2-step customer journey that looks like:
  1. 1.
    14-day free trial (no credit card)
  2. 2.
    Upgrade to paid plan
This can be easily replicated in Wildmetrics. Remember that each step is an event coming from Segment or Stripe.
It is important that you set up your events in the right chronological order.
The first step is an event that is tracked with Segment. The second step is an event coming from Stripe. The first step happens first and the second step second.
Here is the first step using Segment:
First step
And here the second step tracked with Stripe:
Second step
Once you are done setting-up the steps of your funnel, it will look like this:

Select metrics

Now it is time to select the metrics you want to track & analyse.

View report

If you want to analyse your customer journey, click on Go to report.
You will now see how many people completed each step of your funnel and what the conversion rate is between the steps.