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Common events to track

We recommend that you follow the B2B SaaS guidelines created by Segment.
An easy way to get started is not to track too many events at the beginning. Keep it simple.

Standard events

Track standard B2B SaaS behaviour of your users. This is helpful to analyse your customer journey.
Signed Up
When a new user signs up.
Signed In
When someone signs into your app.
Invite Sent
When a user invites a teammate.
Trial Started
When a trial is started.
Plan upgraded
When a customer subscribes to a paid plan.
Plan cancelled
When a customer churns
Demo scheduled
When a user schedules a demo.

Feature events

To know how your customers are using your product, track core functionality of your app. Think about your core features and set-up Segment events to know when a user used them.
Here are some examples for core feature events for Intercom:
  • Message sent
  • Profile viewed
  • Report viewed
  • Post scheduled