MRR report

The MRR report tells you your most important SaaS metric, your MRR.
Make sure you have Stripe connected first. Learn more.
The MRR report is good for:
  • Understand your revenue
  • Set your MRR goal and keep track of it
  • Have your key revenue KPIs in one place
  • Understand your growth rate & benchmark it
  • Share progress and MRR milestones with your team
  • Keep your team motivated and give direction
Start by selecting MRR report from the different reports available.
Keep in mind that the MRR report only works if you have Stripe connected to Wildmetrics. If you want to learn how to do this, read this help article.
Start by choosing what product or plan you want to track MRR for by clicking on "+ Add product".
Right now, you can not filter for specific Stripe products or Stripe plans. This is why you won't be able to change Type and Operator.
Type a name for the product you want to track MRR for and then hit "Done".
Click on "Go to report" and see your current MRR & ARR.
Below your MRR & ARR metric, you will find the MRR breakdown.

MRR breakdown

The MRR breakdown helps you understand your MRR better. We have categorised MRR into 5 different categories:
  • New MRR
  • Expanded MRR
  • Contracted MRR
  • Churned MRR


This is MRR added by new customers.


This is MRR added by existing customers upgrading their plan.


This MRR lost by existing customers downgrading their plan.


This MRR lost by customers cancelling their plan.
You can click on any category to explore the people behind the MRR movements.