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MRR calculation

What is MRR?

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) can be thought of as the total amount of monthly revenue you can reliably expect to receive on a recurring basis. It is one of the most important metrics for a SaaS business to track, as it provides a forward-looking measure of growth and predicted revenue.

How is MRR calculated?

Wildmetrics calculates MRR by adding up the monthly amounts of all subscriptions from which payment is being collected in the period.
  • Only payments coming from subscriptions contribute to MRR
  • One-time or non-recurring payments are not included in MRR
  • The status of a subscription must be active or past-due
  • Recurring and forever discounts are subtracted from MRR. We don't subtract one-time discounts from MRR.
  • Annual payments are divided by 12
  • MRR does not include taxes (like VAT)
  • Stripe fees are not deducted from MRR
  • We take the exchange rate of today for foreign transactions
  • MRR is calculated based on paid invoices. Future MRR changes due to upgrades/downgrades won't impact MRR until date of invoice