Trial activation report

The Trial activation report helps you activate your new trials by helping them reach their AHA moment.
An activated trial has a much higher chance to convert to a paying customer because they understand the value proposition of your product.
Go to Reports, look for Trial activation report and click on "+Add report".
Your goal is to identify people that signed-up for a trial but have not reached their AHA moment yet. We can then reach out to these people and give them a helping hand (like an onboarding call, documentation or tutorials).
The first step is to select an event that identifies people that signed-up for your product.
The second step is to define your AHA moment. This is the moment, a trial understands the value proposition of your product.
This event is unique to your product. It is some core action you need your users to do when trying your product, so they feel the value/magic of your product.
Now click on Create report to view your report.
At the top, you will see the total amount of people that signed-up for a trial and next to it, you can see how many out of the trials experienced their AHA moment.
Below you can see Activated trials and Struggling trials.
Activated trials are your happy trials. These people have experienced their aha moment and should understand the value proposition of your product.
You want to focus on your struggling trials. Click on View people to see the whole list of struggling trials in the selected time period.
You can now write an email to these people and offer them a free onboarding call. Or if you don't want to do calls, share your documentation with them.
Your goal is to turn struggling trials into happy trials.